Get a Fresh Financial Start

Get a Fresh Financial Start

File for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the help of an attorney

Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt? Consider the relief available through bankruptcy. Gary L. Berg, Attorney at Law has years of experience with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Proceedings. No matter how bad your financial state may be, bankruptcy can provide you with a clean and fresh start.

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Bankruptcy law services in Waterford Township, Michigan

Gary L. Berg Attorney at Law can help you better understand the benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is typically the easiest form of bankruptcy. It will:

  • Eliminate most unsecured debts
  • •Stop lawsuits and garnishment of wages and bank accounts
  • Eliminate harassing telephone calls from creditors
  • Allow you to protect a significant portion of your assets from being
    Liquidated by the Bankruptcy Trustee
  • Give you a fresh start
  • In many cases allow you to retain your home and other secured assets

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